Appellate Court E-File Registration

Registration for Appellate ECF is separate from and in addition to registering for PACER. PACER registration grants you access to view docket reports and documents from a court's database, while ECF registration will enable you to file documents electronically. If you are a current PACER user, you are required to complete a separate additional appellate court ECF registration form to request appellate filing privileges. Appellate ECF registration is a centralized process completed via the PACER Service Center (this) website; you will not have to visit each circuit's website to register separately. However, you will need to request filing privileges from each court in which you wish to file electronically.

When registering for ECF filing you are required to provide general identifying information (e.g., name, address, email address, etc.). You will request a login ID and password of your choosing at the end of the registration process along with a password security question. Once you complete the initial registration in one circuit, you may request filing privileges in additional circuits. The existing contact information will pre-populate any request for filing privileges in additional circuits. You may retain the current information if it is valid or it can be modified to be specific for the court in which you are requesting filing privileges. The same login ID and password are used to access CM/ECF in all appellate courts in which you are registered as an ECF filer.

When a registration request is completed, the PACER Service Center will send your data to the court for processing. Each court in which registration was requested processes the request independently. The approval process allows each court to verify the information provided. You will receive email notification of the court's action on the registration request. Document filing and restricted case/document access in a court is not permitted until that court processes the registration request. Processing time for new registration requests can vary from circuit to circuit. Contact the Clerk's Office if immediate access to file documents is needed.

(Note: Contact and other information updated on this website is sent electronically to each court in which you are registered - it is not necessary for you to contact each court to provide the updated information.)

If you already have an appellate filer account and just wish to register for filing privileges in another circuit, login to Manage My Appellate Filer Account and select the "Register for Additional Court(s)" option.